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Re: Honesty in Debian (was Re: Amendment to GR on GFDL, and the changes to the Social Contract

Stephen Gran wrote:
Do you really think that
there is a magical difference depending on where you ship a file?

It's not a "magical" difference.  It's a documentation difference.  And a very important

There's a big difference between "We'll have random non-free stuff mixed loosely into
the free stuff", and "Free stuff will be over here; non-free stuff will be over there."

I've said this before, but most people don't seem to get it.  I do *not* believe that
"all software should be free".  I believe that it should be trivial to *tell* whether
a piece of software is free or not.  Currently Debian makes this impossible.

Or is
this some sort of wedge tactic, intended to make a larger change down
the road more acceptable by making a smaller one now?

No, it's not.  It really isn't.  The whole reason why I started this thread is because most
people seem to be arguing about a completely different issue from the one I care about most.
I'm trying to make it clear what I'm actually talking about (and perhaps someone else will
agree with me), because most people talking to me are arguing at cross-purposes.

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