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Re: Mac project?

"Sven Luther" wrote
On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 03:42:54PM -0700, Jason Schaller wrote:
Any chance that you guys will be porting Debian to the new Mac Intel-built Core Duo processors (assuming the current PowerPC version won't run on them)?

Well, they are no powerpc macs, so i guess having debian running on them is
probably similar to running debian on any random x86 box, with the added
hurdle that you will find some closed hardware and maybe hostility from apple.

Windows Vista is belived to run on them, so the new macs are already supported by GNU/Linux. (If that seems strange remember that GNU/Linux supports virtually everything Windows supports.)

Also note that hostility from Apple is unlikely. Apple has already said they will do nothing to prevent installing Windows on these PCs. (Yes, finally you can call a Mac a PC. w00t!) Apple really won't oppose GNU/Linux either.

Apple is mainly only concerned with people runing OS X on non Apple Hardware.

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