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First Extremadura development meeting report

Following the announcement appeared on d-d-announce (see [1]), a small
group of seven (mainly) Debian Installer contributors took the
opportunity to meet in Extremadura (Spain) for a hacking session on
the graphical version of the installer, and particularly to discuss
the present and the future of the Debian graphical installer.

Hosted by the kind folks representing the Region of Extremadura, the
meeting started on Wed 18th in the Creofonte building in a sunny and
friendly Casar de Cáceres.

The group was composed of five D-I contributors and two upstream
developers involved with the development of the graphic libraries
used by the installer; a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere built
up very soon and accompanied the whole meeting, both during the work
sessions, the meals and informal activities.
During the meeting three local people involved with Linex, the derived
distribution used in Extremadura, were present and were very helpful

The facilities, both the work rooms and the dormitory, were excellent.
The Creofonte building has several work rooms, a large auditorium with
sound and beamer and other rooms like a library.
Lunch and dinner were had in an excellent local restaurant although our
experience was that this took a bit too much time. This was discussed
with the local organizers.

One morning we visited a local school to see how Linex is used in practice.
Of course there were some system problems which made it impossible to
see the system used by teachers to manage a classroom, but still the
excursion gave us a nice overview.
On Saturday afternoon we visited the impressive historical city center
of nearby C�ceres. Unfortunately this was the only day the weather was
less than perfect: the city was shrouded in fog.

The limited number of attendees made it possible to work closely
together on various issues and discuss various topics. 

A summary of the topics discussed can be found in [1]

I'd like to thank again the organizers (Dario, César, José), the
people who looked after us in the Creofonte building and all the
attendees who turned the meeting into a total success.



[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2005/12/msg00003.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/02/msg00225.html

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