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FLUG award to Finnish Debian community

Every year since 2002 the Finnish Linux User's Group gives out an award
to the persons or organizations who have worked well to promote Linux in
Finland. This year the main award was given to the Finnish translators
of OpenOffice.org, and a honorary mention was given to the Finnish
Debian community. Three Debian people were there to accept this: myself,
Tapio Lehtinen, and Fabian Fagerholm who stood in for Aschwin van der

There were a couple of reporters present, and FLUG will be sending out a
press release, but I don't know if there will much press coverage. I did
give an impromptu interview to some Finnish podcast, but I'm afraid I
forgot already what it was.

This honorary mention (kunniamaininta in Finnish) has been earned by all
people in Finland who've helped improve Debian, whether they're DDs or
not. Yay us!

The physical manifestation of this is an A4-sized diploma, which is
currently in my possession, since Debian doesn't have an official
physical presence in Finland. Alternative suggestions are welcome. Links
to pictures below.

http://liw.iki.fi/liw/misc/flug-2006-kunniamaininta-pieni.png (small)
http://liw.iki.fi/liw/misc/flug-2006-kunniamaininta.png (big) 

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