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Re: Poll: how should Debian derivatives identify their packages?

Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> This is an informal poll, conducted with devotee much
> like the way GR's and elections are done.

I like it.  It seems a good way to estimate true DD
sentiment.  Surely it beats letting him win who posts
the loudest.  It is informal and we should do it more

> The poll can only be submitted by DD's, and results
> will be non-anonymous and published immediately.

Intriguing.  It may interest you to learn that for my
own part

    (1) I voted; then

    (2) looked at your automated running tally;

    (3) noticed that another DD who rarely posts to
    the lists, but whose opinion I particularly
    respect, had voted differently; and

    (4) changed my vote to more nearly resemble his.

This is a fine form of persuasion without excessive list
noise.  Well done.

Thaddeus H. Black <thb@debian.org>

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