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Re: Linux Forums

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [2006-01-22 09:11:56]:

> Mark Daher wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > My name is Mark Daher, owner of LinuxForums.org , I would like to make 
> > my site the official forums of the Debian since there aren't any, 
> > helping people with Debian, etc.
> Did debianHELP, Planet Debian and debianforum.de recently close?

what about maintaining a list of debian forums on the debian
website, saying something like this:

  "...and if you like to use webforums you can go here, there or
  over here. While not being being maintained by the debian
  project or frequented by DebianDevelopers they might still be
  usefull for getting help."

the differnet languages could point to debianforum.de,
debianhjälp.se, debianasdfaa.cx etc and the international ones
even. the work of maintaining the list could be done by ... the
people who translate? ok, not sure who would be interested in
doing this. But this could be a constructive way to deal with the

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