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Re: device discovery question before doing a motherboard upgrade.

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On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 02:02:57PM -0600, water modem wrote:
> I have given up searching the Debian sites and Google and usenet groups 
> for the answer to a simple question.

This question should really go to debian-user@lists.debian.org...
Here a short attempt from me to answer it though.

> If I want to upgrade a Sarge 2.6 install to a new motherboard without 
> re-installing Debian....

Good luck, replacing a motherboard is non-trivial and will never be
"simple" like you state it.  ;-)

> What do I run before or after the hardware upgrade to force device 
> discovery to be repeated?

I'm not really up to date with things like discover or whatever they
are and what they do.  But basically it boils down to knowing what
devices you will be replacing, which chipsets the old and new ones
are.  Then making sure that you kernel can use all of them, either by
recompiling or by having modules around, making sure they will get
loaded.  Then you can try replacing the motherboard and hope
everything will come up.  Depending on what's integrated in the
motherboards some devices could be renamed etc, so on your first
reboot it's a bood idea to boot single user and make sure everyting is
going to be fine, clean up all mess.

If you're using the stock kernel you probably won't have to do
anything to the kernel since all drivers are available by modules
afaik.  They still need to be loaded somehow, discover might do this
for you.  You will likely still have the trouble of renamed devices
etc though.

> I want to do it right without getting in trouble and just can't find any 
> information on the process.

There's many things that can go wrong anywhere along the path.  Did I
mention to take backups?  ;-)

> Thanks

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