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Re: non-free firmware

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Second, the issues with the installer
> --------------------------------------

Your analysis of the modules that would be needed by the installer does
not take all possible installation methods and hardware combinations 
into account, notably missing a) network cards b) pcmcia c) usb
d) systems without usable removable media.

> (1) an easy facility for inserting an "extra debs" CD or floppy in the
> installer (already present)

No, it's not.

> (4) a facility to load such a udeb *before* the probing for kernel modules
> (shouldn't be too hard)

Impossible in many cases.

> (b) or an entire non-free installer release

Or the other options for user mergable non-free/free images that I have
discussed in prior postings on this topic.

see shy jo

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