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Re: Ubuntu/Debian cooperation

Roger Leigh writes ("Re: Ubuntu/Debian cooperation"):
> That doesn't solve any problems.  If you have a problem with a
> maintainer, please report it.  Debian doesn't want unresponsive or
> unhelpful maintainers either, but if we are not made aware of a
> problem, it can't be dealt with.

(switching hats again)

We do have a problem with this in Debian.  You can say `please report
it', but to whom ?  Is there anyone who is able and willing to
admonish (privately would probably be most helpful!) an unhelpful or
obstructive maintainer ?

A good proportion of the issues referred to the (underused) TC are at
least in large part because a maintainer has just blown off the
submitter (for example, by declining to get into the necessary
detailed discussion).

I think it might be helpful if we could establish a `mediation team'
who would firstly try to help people communicate, and if it seemed
that one side were being crap, tell them off.  But we'd have to be
very careful about what kind of people we ended up with on the
mediation team !


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