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Re: Debian and wireless networking

[ Cc'ing because I guess from the question that J.B. isn't subscribed to
the list ]

su, 2005-12-18 kello 14:13 -0500, Jean Bouffard kirjoitti:
> I have been looking for a distribution of linux that would fit my
> needs. But recently I've now been looking for a distribution that will
> function with my network card. I have a D-Link, DWL-G510, and I'm
> having much difficulty getting anywhere with it. 
> So before I go and download Debian to see if I can get it to work,
> could you just tell me if it will work or not?

I don't know if it will work or not. Unfortunately, given just the name
and model of a wireless network card is not always enough to know that.
The manufacturers keep changing radically the internals of the cards
without changing the model name or number. Version 1.0 of a card might
have one chipset that works, and version 2.0 another chipset altogether
that doesn't work (this happened to me with a 3Com card).

(The situation with wired network cards is better: you can pretty much
assume that any of them works with Linux.)

The page
20Wireless does not list any open source driver for the card, which
might mean that one doesn't exist at all, and so you'll be out of luck.
There might be a proprietary driver, but that won't be part of Debian,
which concentrates on freedom.

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