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Re: Debian on one dvd?

Siward de Groot wrote:
>>The FSF diagrees. See below.
> They can disagree all they want,
>   but as long as they don't write it in the license, we are not bound by it.
> Or do you know of any prior ruling or general consensus among lawyers
>    about this ?

So you think you'll convince a court that the word "medium" in this case
(which was clearly written at a time when the obvious example would have
been one of a variety of magnetic tape formats) can also be interpreted as
meaning a random conglomeration of computers and network components, owned
by an undefined cloud of individuals and corporations, both domestic and

There's not that much in common between a length of tape and the Internet.

On the other hand, the link between a length of tape an a DVD is apparent.

>>Debian does not distribute the images under clause B
> I wonder why you think that ;
> Certainly Debian doesn't distribute it under clause A or C,
>   so is Debian violating the GPL ?

Debian _always_ distributes under clause A as far as I'm aware, since we
make the source simultaneously available on-line.  Remember, Debian does
not produce physical CDs or DVDs in it's own right (although we do generate
the master images and publish them on-line, with accompanying source images)

I cannot imagine a situation in which Debian or SPI would go for the
"written offer" route of clause B, and we build everything from source, so
clause C is ruled out.

> No need to worry too much about it, though,
>   because here is another way to comply with the GPL :
> Accompany the softwares with written offers to provide the sources,
>   and if someone wants to take you up on that offer,
>   ignore them.

You have an interesting understanding of the word "comply".

Not getting sued does not necessarily equate to abiding by the law.

Cheers, Phil.

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