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Please help: tasks descriptions

On http://wiki.debian.org/JobDescription Christop Berg was kind
enough to start a list of tasks descriptions for some delegate
positions in the project. (the misnomen job vs task is entirely
my fault.)

The goal of these descriptions is to seperate names and persons
from tasks, to that is is no longer the "Joe Random" task/issue
but e.g. the "Release Team" task description. That will hopefully
lead to more objective discussion in the future.

The Delegations (which we still work towards) will be better
defined and hopefully more transparent and clearer this way, too.
It helps if the task descriptions are detailed and specific. The
additional times required for a given task will perhaps help to
identify current bottelnecks and allow for better resource

Especially people who right now work on a given task are welcome
to contribute the descriptions of what they do. It is them who
know the job best after all. Others are invited to contribute,
too, of course.

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