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Re: Retailing

Kieran Lloyd" wrote:
I am considering selling some home made PC's on Ebay, the thing is I want to sell these pre-installed with Debian Linux. Would Debian have any argument with this? I will obviously be advertising that the Pc's have Debian installed however I will not be charging for it I would only be charging a mark up on my hardware. Please advise if this would be acceptable.

Hello. While the other people to respond have covered your question fairly well, I would like to summarize and add a few additional pieces of information.

(Disclaimer: I'm am in no way affiliated with Debian besides being just a user. However, I have been lurking on the mailing lists for long enough to start to understand how Debian developers feel. So while the following may not reflect the offica feelings of Debian, I suspect it at least comes close.)

First of all, Thank you for for choosing Debian GNU/Linux. We certainly appreicate that you chose to distibute your computers with a free (as in speech) operating system.

Debian does not object, and even encourages sale of computers with Debian GNU/Linux pre-installed. The fact that you intend to include it at no additional cost is even better, as it will increase the exposure of Free Software. You could even charge for the pre-installation of Debian, but personally I would prefer if you did not.

You noted that you would be advertising the fat that debian GNU/Linux was pre-installed. You may wish to use our spiral logo which can be found on this page: http://www.debian.org/logos/

Chris mentioned that you needed to distribute source code. He noted that the easiest way was to include the cd forms burned onto recordable discs. Please consider also including a copy of the 'binary' cds. This will help your customers install parts of the OS that they are interested in, that you did not pre-install.

Thnaks again, and if you have any further questions please email me off-list.

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