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Re: GPL v3 process

Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org>
> [Florian Weimer]
> > Do Debian or SPI participate in the GPL v3 process?
> That's a question for debian-legal.  Well, really it's a question for
> the FSF.  My impression is that there is no "GPL v3 process" except
> whatever is done behind closed doors at the FSF.  *After* they come up
> with a draft, they'll have a public comment period.

Really? How do you know that? It would be a step backwards and it's
quite different from what I've read in pieces like
GPLv3 Development and Publicity Project
(also carried on fsfeurope.org) - but it's not expected to start
until next year anyway, which would explain the relative quiet.

It would be good to have any willing debian developers involved in
this from an early stage *AND* to ensure the comments are heard.

I don't see a way to participate much just yet, though.

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