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Re: Cutomize PC with Linux

On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 01:47:06PM -0700, Le Minh Man wrote:

> I would like to be added to your website as a PC builder with your
> Linux operation system!

Please note that we call the operating system GNU/Linux, not
"Linux". Linux is only a small part of it. See
This being said, please read the end of

Information for hardware vendors

If you wish to be listed on this page, send mail to
webmaster@debian.org providing the following information:

    * company name
    * URL
    * e-mail address
    * phone number (if accept international orders, include
      international dialing prefix)
    * fax number (optional)
    * country
    * whether you ship internationally
    * snail mail address (optional) 


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