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Re: installed Debian and have no gui

I *guess* you did not selected "desktop" as pre-configuration during the
Server pre-configurations do not use GUI.
But you do not have to reinstall. Simply use apt-get to install gui.
For example, you could try (as root)
apt-get update
apt-get install gnome
(or kde or another gui.)
or you could try
apt-get update
apt-get install tasksel
  follow instructions to select desktop.
Please, post your questions to one of the more suitable lists at
it is much more likely to have faster and better answers for user
technical doubts.
Andre Felipe

Em Seg, 2005-10-24 às 11:42 -0700, Patrick Mccall escreveu:
> I downloaded the first debian cd to install the os and
> try it out. After going through the install process
> and rebooting with no errors I get a dos-like system..
> Is this all debain is?? I didnt even get a gui!!!.
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