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Developing on Debian

I had some questions on your ISV program.  We’re a retail point of sale software company that is seeking out a Linux platform to distribute our software on.  A few of the questions that I have are concerning the “Corporate Server” version of your software.  I need the following information:


Original purchase cost – Currently we use SCO Unix.  The way this process works with them is we buy a development kit, produce a tape that contains the OS and our software.  We assign the end user a license for the server, and pay SCO on that license.  How does your process work when it comes to distribution?  What are the license costs associated with this process?


Upgrades – With SCO we currently buy an upgrade license on a per system basis as we determine that an OS upgrade is in order.  How does your upgrade process work?  What are the costs associated with this process?  How is the upgrade distributed?


Support – As an ISV with SCO we have an account rep that works with us to ensure that we are kept up to speed on new versions, end of life,  etc.  We also have access to an ISV level support via a 1-800 telephone number.  How does your company handle the sales and technical support?  What are the fees/costs associated with this type of support?


Thank you for your input,


Jason Mock

Sales Engineer

High Touch, Inc.

Phone:  316.831.8106

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