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Re: Your logotype has been stolen

Scripsit <Staffan.Holmgren@sas.se>

> A swedish electronics store, namely http://www.elektrostore.se/ has stolen
> your logotype. I don't know if you are aware of this,

This is well known. Try doing a search for "elektrostore" on
debian-legal, for example.

> This e-mail (including any attached documents) is proprietary and
> confidential and may contain legally privileged information.

Don't send it to public lists, then.

> If you are not the intended recipient, you may not review, retain,
> copy or distribute this message,

On which legal theory do you base this claim?

> and we kindly ask you to notify the sender by reply e-mail immediately
> and delete this message from your system. Thank you.

Debian does not delete messages from the archives of its public lists
on requests of their authors. If you do not want your message to be
archived, you should not send them to public mailing lists.

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                    Generelt kan der ikke peges på databehandlingsopgaver af
                  en sådan størrelsesorden og af en karaktér, som berettiger
              forestillingerne om den nye hjemme- og husholdningsteknologi."

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