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Re: Naming of init.d scripts and the LSB

ma, 2005-10-03 kello 13:55 +0100, Philip Hands kirjoitti:
> I think both latitudes can be largely satisfied if LANANA can be persuaded
> (if they do not already do so) to solicit approval from distributors before
> issuing new approvals.

It's so much easier to do this:

        1) LANANA only approves init.d script names that begin with
        2) Distros don't use names starting with "lsb-" except in the
        way specified by LANANA.

No communication needed except between someone requesting a name from
LANANA and LANANA itself. Given that there are hundreds of Linux
distributions that potentially need to be involved, I suspect the
communication overhead is ridiculous even if only a few tens of them
actually are involved.

Put up or shut up.

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