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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 18 Sep 2005.
1 applicant became a maintainer.

James Vega <jamessan>
 I'm a recent college graduate (Electrical Engineer, minor in Computer
 Science), working for EMC in the Quality Assurance and Test
 Automation group.  I'm one of the main developers for Supybot, a
 Python IRC bot (http://supybot.sf.net).

 My intentions are to maintain various packages and, in my own small
 way, help Debian stay one of the top quality Linux distributions
 available.  The reason I've kept coming back to Debian after trying
 various other distributions is the ease of administration/use and
 outstanding support for the OSS community.  Branden Robinson and the
 X Strike Force have been an awesome example of how Debian developers
 can help contribute back to the community.  I can only strive to be
 as successful during my endeavors as a Debian Developer.

 I started using Linux about 5 years ago when a friend introduced me
 to RedHat 6.x.  I gradually started using Linux and free software
 more and became quite entranced with the ideas behind the free
 software community.  Because of this community, I have been able to
 use many tools that I otherwise would not have been able to.  I see
 my volunteering as a way to offer gratuity to all those that have
 written software I use.  Not only can I help show their software to
 more people, but I have the chance to help improve the quality of
 their software, which benefits everyone.


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