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Re: Help, I'm being held hostage!!

also sprach Suzanne M ODell <sumariel7@sbcglobal.net> [2005.08.15.0819 +0200]:
> I am afraid I may not be computer literate enough
> to use Debian. My board is an Intel D815EEA, with
> a 700mg Celeron processor, I cannot find info
> that tells me I can use this OS. I want to get
> away from XP as I just saw a news release that
> says Microsoft is gunning for Google, and I'm
> tired of supporting a gunslinger. Please point me
> in the right direction to get the information or
> education I need to make the switch.

This is not the right list. For general questions of this sort,
please contact debian-user@lists.debian.org. If the question is
about a laptop, debian-laptop@lists.debian.org might be the better

Anyway, from what I can tell, Debian will work fine with your board
and processor. I can't say much about the periphery (especially the
graphics card) since you did not write anything about it.

Please reply to one of the aforementioned lists, not -project.

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