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Re: Utnubu Team Founded - Merging Ubuntu changes to Debian

Hi Markus,

Am Dienstag, den 19.07.2005, 17:30 +0000 schrieb Markus:
> PS: I'm not so good at packaging, is there something else to do? :o)

If you happen to have both a Debian and an Ubuntu Installation around,
have a look at the things Ubuntu does different on the small scale, like
other defaults, additional packages etc. If you find anything that you
would like to see in Debian, and that most people would not mind in
Debian, tell us on utnubu-discuss@lists.alioth.debian.org about it.

Greetings and thanks,

Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
  nomeata@debian.org | ICQ# 74513189 | GPG-Keyid: 4743206C
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