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Re: A new banner for Sarge

Le Mardi, 2 Août 2005 09:26, feanor a écrit :
> I made new version of my banner !
> You can check them here : http://free.rlmh.net/ban/
> Give me your preferences, comments, advices...
> (I wasn't long work but I spend time far from home ^^)

Hi. I definitely like your last version better.

But as someone pointed out the last time you posted on project about this, in 
my opinion it still lacks some alignment. It just seems a little bit... 

I think you should try to top-align "debian" (top of 'an'), "sarge" and "3.1". 
You should maybe also use the same font size for 3.1 as for sarge. Currently 
there are 5 different sizes which I feel is too much for a banner like this.

I am no professional designer at all, so these are just my opinions and 
guesses and I might be completely wrong.

> I Changed fonts and slogan !
> (I'm sorry I didn't managed to antialiase the swirl correctly)
> Romain Lorquet-Marciel

Bye, have a nice day !


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