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Re: "Debian" Core Consortium

Stephen Frost schrieb am Sonntag, den 24. Juli 2005:

> * Alexander Wirt (formorer@debian.org) wrote:
> > Florian Weimer schrieb am Sonntag, den 24. Juli 2005:
> > 
> > > How is Debian related to the "Debian Core Consortium"?  Why are they
> > > using the name "Debian"?
> > Maybe you sould wait until its been more than a plan to do something before
> > crying about names. 
> > 
> > There isn't anything official yet about the Consortium.
> No, actually, it's probably better to make sure those involved
> understand the trademark issues *before* they go off and develop
> advertising based off it, tell reporters about it, and who knows what
> else.  The earlier the better since the earlier they're aware of it the
> easier it is for them to change it.
Do you have seen who is involved into that consortium? 

I'm pretty sure they know about the trademark stuff.


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