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The 'Alioth upgrade' upgrade

Yo all!

Whoever caused this (below):  please respect a few simple rules regarding 
email in general and email in the Debian project:
 - write in the From: header, or at least in some signature, who the 
originator of the mail was.  Espeically when some 'I' writes that he did 
 - Priority: List or Bulk or whatever for bulk messages
 - announcement messages to some announcement mailing list - why could this 
mail not go to d-d-a?

Yes, I'm slightly annoyed. (All the more since I do not even use alioth at 

-- vbi

From: Mailer <noreply@alioth.debian.org>
To: Probably all Debian accounts?
Date: Yesterday 21.55:22

Since Alioth seemed to be an often mentioned service here at DebConf5 
I took the time to do some work on it in between talks and the
occasional drink. Alioth is sufficiently non-trivial to make the
upgrade somewhat interesting, but the end result seems to be a nice
improvement. The major noticable changes are:

* upgrade from woody to sarge, which also allowed for:
* postgres tuned, should be faster now
* LDAP tuned, should be faster now
* email configuration improved
* mailman upgraded to 2.1

I did notice that a number of users are running crontabs that do not
check if they are already running, which in some situations
resulted in a dozen copies of the same crontab running in parallel.
Please fix that since it needlessly loads the machine. From now on if
I notice people doing that I will disable their crontab access 
until they fix their scripts.

Beware of the FUD - know your enemies. This week
    * The Alexis de Toqueville Institue *

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