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Re: Branden's mail policies

also sprach Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> [2005.06.19.1404 +0200]:
> Why pay someone else to do what I can do myself for free?

The problem is not you, the problem are the other morons who think 
like you *and* can't operate mail servers. With that I mean: I have
no reason to believe that you cannot operate a mail server, so don't
read this as an attack at all. But for everyone who can operate
a mail server, 1000 others run one and have no clue. Thus, it's
a good idea to restrict the set of IPs that are to act as legitimate
mail servers, and DUL is one way to do so effectively.

also sprach Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> [2005.06.19.1405 +0200]:
> > These days, any moron and their father can set up a mail server
> > with proper queuing. That does not mean they can protect it
> > against relaying.
> And because some (alot) can do it wrong, noone should be allowed
> to do it?

Countries like America seem to work like this across the entire
legal system. :)

Jonas then said:
> No, I don't want the ISPs of those networks to decide how emails
> should be treated.

For what it's worth: how do you know they don't intercept the mail
that your mail spool then sends out? There is very little keeping
them from inserting transparent filters into the SMTP channel; I've
seen it done.

Point being: if you don't trust your ISP, switch! If you cannot,
learn to deal, get politically active and work on antitrust, or

I have no further intention to argue my position here for I am
perfectly aware that people disagree. I maintain that I think DUL
are a good thing and I will continue using them.

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