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Re: sarge and the Wall Street Journal

On 6/8/05, Thaddeus H. Black <t@b-tk.org> wrote:
> Peter, Michael, your responses were immensely helpful.
> Thank you.  When I called, voice mail picked up, and I
> did leave a voice message combining Peter's structure
> and points with Michael's solid content.  Whether the
> reporter Guth phones me back, indeed whether we get any
> response at all, remains to be seen; but the people over
> at the WSJ are some of the smartest reporters found
> anywhere in the world (as far as reporters go), so we'll
> give them a fair chance.

Yep -- and when a WSJ (Dow Jones) staffer really needs help
understanding something, he calls up a colleague in their Moscow
Bureau, who shouts across the hall to an Economist / Financial Times
(Pearson) writer -- the archrivals publish jointly in Russia.  :-) 
You're welcome -- and thanks for leading the charge.

>   SourceLabs is one of several start-ups trying to
>   position itself as a one-stop shop for businesses
>   that want to use open-source software.  It plans to
>   certify that various forms of open-source software
>   work wll together and meet corporate computing
>   requirements.

Suppose that "certification" will have anything to do with the LCC?  I
still think comprehensive test kits are a better strategy than golden

>   The company was founded last year by executives and
>   managers from Microsoft and BEA Systems Inc.  Its
>   main financial backing came from Ignition Partners,
>   a venture-capital group whose co-founders include
>   Brad Silverberg, a former Microsoft senior vice
>   president who led development of the Windows
>   operating system, the leading competitor to Linux.

I don't know who's taking a bigger gamble, Bruce or Brad.  :-)

- Michael

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