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Hurd drivers (was Re: Driver Authoring????)

Lee Braiden wrote:
On Sunday 05 Jun 2005 19:07, klkl lklk wrote:
Hi all,

Just wondering of where to start because i want to give a try making
my own drivers for conexant winmodems (open-source, of course :-) ) I
have good knowledge of C, Java and now learning C++.   The probelm is
that I now nothing about driver authoring! Please help! (Any advices,
links would be appreciated!)


Might want to lookup the Linux Kernel Hacker's Guide, too. Alternatively, you could just make it for HURD, instead ;)

Funny you should mention it.

I've been seriously considering writing or porting a driver for Hurd, just to
get an idea of what microkernels are all about, and hopefully even help get
the Hurd microkernel into wider usage.  Does anyone have any advice or comments?
Like e.g. where to start looking for driver projects, or does Hurd support
remote debugging (e.g. with ddd over ethernet, possibly running on a linux box?),
what is it like to work in that "environment," how mature is the project, how
stable is the microkernel and what impact does that have on driver development?,
etc.  Another area of clarification is what the relationship is between
the Hurd driver developer and Debian?  Would he/she be the maintainer, or a
debian developer as well as a GNU developer?  In general what I'm looking for
is comments that will round out my background knowledge before I commit the
time and effort to a Hurd driver project.

Part of my motivation for looking at Hurd driver development is that Linux
is so damn popular that it seems unlikely that they really need any more
driver help.  My background is in networking and various other I/O drivers,
but never with Debian or and other free software organization.  I'm interested
in writng just about any type of Hurd drivers, but simpler is better
for a first project.  (I am crossposting this message to the debian-project
list and will drop debian-user if anyone thinks this is getting too off-topic.)

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