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Re: The archive.debian.org situation

<http://www.debian.org/distrib/archive>, as of last night, two thirds
were either incomplete (i.e., not carrying potato) or no longer
operational.  Shouldn't something be done about this situation?
With archive.debian.org offline, what will happen with the archiving
and subsequent mirroring of woody when sarge is released?

Actually potato is still in the main archive as old-stable.
Debian-archive contains old-old-stable and previous.
However potato will need to be moved to debian-archive when sarge goes stable, so I fear that revival of debian-archive is sarge rc.

Full discosure: I'm not a DD, or a laywer, and yes the headers are correct, I did write this message on windows, but not by choice, I'd rather be running Debian on this box.

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