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Re: please help a poor student


On 05/05/29 15:37 +0100, ratikanta rath said ...
> Note- I began liking debian after i heard of it and want its CDs.


> But I could not find a good, stable distribution having very good GUI
> for a begginner which could run on 122.8MB of RAM.

That should be more than enough to run Debian Sarge with something like
XFCE, or some other light window manager and most of the basic software.

> My address: Ratikanta Rath At/PO: Jarasingha Dist.: Angul Orissa,
> India Postal Code: 759143

I can mail a bunch of Debian Sarge CDs to your postal address.  Please
do contact me off-list.


Y Giridhar Appaji Nag | http://www.appaji.net/

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