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tar packet


i have problems with tar - GNU version of the tar archiving utility .
When i extract gzipped  file  , the  own file change alone

example : mozilla- 1.7.8.fr-FR...... .tar.gz own file : root and the same for the group after extract : tar -xvzf mozilla- 1.7.8.fr-FR...... .tar.gz own file : roger and the same with group

i tryed dpkg-reconfigure tar packet but it's  the same
it seems that problems live  since  1month  ago
all problems are only in /usr/local partition since i upgrade debian sarge

in /Usr/local Ihave firfox , mozilla , otp_srcR10B, jdk1.5 , wings-0.98 ,clamav-0.85 ...and these old install seems to have no problems

Can you help me please ?

best regards

Roger Martinez

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