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Re: debian domains

I'm forwarding a message from -www (see
http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2005/03/msg00014.html).  Do you
think we should do anything about this?

* gregg@cercy.net <gregg@cercy.net> [2005-03-03 08:18]:
> Hello,
> A few years ago I noticed that debiangnulinux.com .org and .net domains were
> available. I registered them because I thought some spammer or other
> unpleasant person would register them. I've pointed them to my personal
> webserver, but otherwise have never used the domains. Anyway,
> I noticed today debiangnulinux.com and .net have been removed from my
> network solution/verisign account. They are now registerd to somekind of
> spammer/domain reseller called signaturedomains.com. I didn't approve of
> this or allow it in anyway, my domains are all set to auto-renew plus
> their first renewal isn't supposed to happen until 2005.
> I don't have the resources or skill to fight for control of the domains
> but I thought maybe debian would want them. I don't see how they can steal
> the domain, but it looks like they did. If you need any information from
> me I'd be happy to provide it. I still have the .org, if debian would want
> it, I'd be happy to donate it to debian free of charge, just tell me how.
> Gregg
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Martin Michlmayr

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