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Re: Mirror bandwitdh to give away

Hi Sebastian,

> I'm writing this mail because I've some bandwith to give away. I'm
> running debianforum.de on a dedicated server which has a monthly
> bandwitdh limit of 250 GB where debianforum.de only uses about 70 GB. So
> I have 150 - 200 GB left over which I want to "donate" to the Debian
> project and preferable for small Debian sub-projects.

I am not any official debian sub-project. but i work on this
http://livecd.gnustep.org/ which directly gives back improvements,
and packaging efforts to debian. the goal is also to be able
to install a clean debian system from the live cd.

maybe you want to be a mirror of the iso image?


> I'm currently mirroring debian-volatile and I am seeking for other small
> Debian sub-projects which I can support with providing mirror space.
> I thought to contact debian-mirror@l.d.o but this list seems to be dead.
> Could someone point me the right direction? :-)
> Bye
> Sebastian
> Please Cc me as I'm not subscribed to debian-project. Thanks.
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