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Writing for Free Software Magazine?


I, along with a few amazing hackers and lay people, have started a new magazine called "Free Software Magazine".
Here is the URL: http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com.

The great thing about this magazine is that all of the articles are released under a free license six weeks after publication. We count on making money on paper and PDF subscribers, who get the magazine before anybody else does. So far our plan seems to be working (123 subscribers in the first month), but we definitely need a lot more than that to even break even - we need 500 subscribers to stop loosing money! Hint: http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/subscribe :-)

The magazine is half-technical - quite literally! The first half of the magazine contains technical articles, while the second half concentrates on the ethics, legalities and philosophies of free software and its use. Each issue also has a "focus", with several articles covering a particular area in greater depth.

We are offering free advertising for free software projects.

Finally, if you are a skilled writer and would like to write for Free Software Magazine, please let me know. In particular, we are up to issue 4 and... well, we haven't talked about the Debian project yet, which is definitely not good.
Feel free to send me proposals like:

* The future of the Debian project - where Debian is now, and where it's going * The licensing issues of Debian - why some packages are not in the main tree, and why that's not a problem
* Debian's strengths and weaknesses.

...and so on.


Tony Mobily.

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