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Re: Debian 4.0

also sprach Jesus Roncero <jesus@roncero.org> [2005.03.23.0031 +0100]:
> It wasn't intended to be arrogant. I'm only repeating what I've
> read many times, or somehow how things work in debian. 

... yeah, which is one of the reasons why Debian folks are commonly
considered arrogant. Anyway, this is just my perception.

> > could resort to euphemisms?
> If you think that's any better...

I don't really, but having talked to a lot of potential, new, and
going-away users in the last year, it is my impression that it's
more what people want to hear. Just hearing "when it's done" every
single time can be quite annoying. I don't think it hurts to give
a little more info about where we actually stand, and even though it
would be foolish to say that sarge will be out before April, it
currently *does* look like we'll make the first half of 2005. So
tell them. And if we do not make it, we can always tell them
something else later. :)

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