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Re: A new arch support proposal, hopefully consensual (?)

Sven Luther wrote:

Ok, this is the easy part, and also what the vancouver-proposal included, the
difference comes in how the minority-arches are handled, and my proposal is a
'including' proposal, while the vancouver-proposal was 'excluding'.

4) each non-tier1 arches will have its own testing infrastructure, which
would take both unstable and testing in account.

5) packages are built out of unstable into an arch-specific unstable binary
repository on a separate machine (altough many minority arches may share this
This allows for source package version skew on a per arch level. In the worst case, each non-tier1 arch could have a different source package version when compared to tier1 and all of the other non-tier1 arches.

To have the least possibility for source package version skew, the non-tier1 arches should branch off of tier1-testing instead of tier1-unstable.


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