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Re: A new arch support proposal, hopefully consensual (?)

Le dimanche 20 mars 2005 à 12:45 +0100, Sven Luther a écrit :
> Hello,

Hi Sven,

> This is an attempt to do a vancouver-counter proposal in such a way that would
> be acceptable to all, including the folk who was at the vancouver meeting.
> Please be resonable when we post here, refrain from agressive behavior, and
> provide argumentation to your proposed solutions.

Your proposal makes sense of course, and I'm sure it will be well
accepted... furthermore I think that this was the intent behind the
Vancouver proposal even if it wasn't worded very well.

Debian as a whole shouldn't suffer from minority arches. So we decide to
refuse most of the constraints imposed by the minority arches... this
way the release team shouldn't pester porter until they setup an
rbuilder for security uploads or a supplementary buildd.

Instead they just say : if you want to release together with tier1
arches, you have to meet those criteria at that date.

I believe everyone is supportive of the various ports, nobody has any
interest in making a port fail... but it's clear that many maintainers
are frustrated to be blocked because their package doesn't build on an
arch they don't care about.

So your proposal conciles everybody and I hope it will be mostly ok for

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