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Re: Bits from the ftpmaster team

* Kees Leune <cjleune@gmail.com> [2005-03-18 13:44]:
> I hope so; Can any conclusions been drawn from the list on
> http://nm.debian.org/nmlist.php#waiting regarding the order in which
> the appkications will be processed?

Yes, the DAM said that he's going through the backlog more or less in
a FIFO.  (This is normally not guaranteed for DAM processing, though.)

> For the last number of weeks, I have had 35 people ahead of me in
> the queue, which went up to 36 yesterday or so.

You won't have many people appear before you; the list is sorted by AM
approval date so new approvals will appear behind you in the queue.
However, some people may be on hold at the FD stage, and therefore
temporarily not appear in the DAM listing, but later pass the FD stage
and then appear in front of other people.  This happened with Cai Qian
a few days ago.

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 Cai         | Qian          | 2004-12-13 | 2005-03-16 23:39:39.567536+01

Martin Michlmayr

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