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Re: [rrichards@co.slo.ca.us: Open Letter to Debian Community]

* Daniel Ruoso <daniel@ruoso.com> [2005-03-14 17:09]:
> > > That sounds like a good idea, actually. Make it a policy proposal?
> > That's not how policy works, but it should probably be mentioned in
> > the Developer's Reference.  Feel free to file a wishlist bug.
> Well, I must admit that this email surprised me. If/when debtags is
> integrated in the "core" of the packaging system in Debian, wouldn't it
> be specified in policy?

Policy describes current practice rather than dictacting it.  So once
debtags has been integrated in the core and made a requirement, policy
*might* add it [*], but certainly not before.

[*] But I assume debtags will remain optional and therefore not make
Martin Michlmayr

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