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Re: [rrichards@co.slo.ca.us: Open Letter to Debian Community]

On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 10:16:02AM -0800, rrichards@co.slo.ca.us wrote:
> Specific to your response, I want to say that I did try the reverse:
> apt-remove kde. While it did prevent me from seeing KDE anymore, excessive
> remnants of KDE and KDE libraries were still left over. My intention was
> to completely remove KDE and everything related, but I had to sift through
> Synaptic Package Manager and find everything with KDE in it and click
> Remove.

You should be using aptitude instead of apt-get, again. aptitude has the
feature that it remembers which packages it installs automatically to satisfy
dependencies. So if you tell it to install kde and then tell it to remove it,
it'll remove all those KDE apps it installed to satisfy your original request.
Again, many people in the project have been pushing aptitude (I know in #debian
that's the case) but perhaps we haven't done enough.

> Again, thanks for your response. I DO NOT intend to use you as my personal
> Debian support guy, so if I'm all wrong please don't feel obligated to
> spend time typing up the right answer. Just tell me I'm wrong and I'll
> figure it out via the mailing lists.

You just seem uninformed. How much of that is Debian's fault is debateable. If
you really want to help with this issue, you could start to help fix our
documentation issues that I mentioned earlier. They could certaintly use a lot
of love, and it could be a way to help other people in your predicament.

 - David Nusinow

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