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Re: VA Linux / Sun Wah Linux to push Debian in China/Japan

Osamu wrote:
> Currently, Debian is seriously weak on easy Asian language support.
> Fonts, IM, ... 
> One of the problem is we do not have enough available developers.
> We have hard time finding sponsor with time and skill for IM packages
> even if some non-DD prepare package.

It would probably be good to have a debian-asia or whatever list, instead
of the multiple spam retention debian-country lists. People interested
in the Asian language support effort could go there to contribute.

Anyways, I'm ready to help for sponsorship, testing and stuff.
I'm quite interested and concerned with CJK problems, since I've been
running with LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 for quite some time, and use UIM on a
regular basis for japanese and (very few) korean input.
I also gave a try to the promising SCIM, though I went back to UIM for
some reasons.

I think there are some others DD, not necessarily from CJK, in a similar
position that could be interested to join such effort.


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