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OpenPuppets: New project to promote Open Source and Free Software

Dear Sir,

        Visit our new project to promote Open Source and Free Software. It's
about its pets, a way to make cute the technology! OpenPuppets
<http://en.openpuppets.com> is for childs, for youngs, for everybody!

        Our Design Studio wanna say thanks to the work of this big community.
We use GNU/Linux and other Open Source and Free Software stuff, we translate
and programming for some projects but wanna help in a more deep way, building
a new world: OpenPuppets world. We're designers then we want help with

        Greetings and hoping you like our work. Please if you've any doubt
contact us.

OpenPuppets <http://en.openpuppets.com>
Bernardo González Reinfeld
OrganicaDTM Design Studio


Calle Bethencourt Alfonso, nº 2, Edificio Trianon, piso 5, centro.
38001. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands. Spain

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