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Re: Debian release strategy

* Matthew Garrett (mgarrett@chiark.greenend.org.uk) [050304 09:40]:
> Daniel Ruoso <daniel@ruoso.com> wrote:

> > * I had recently post a message to debian-project[1] suggesting that we
> > could plan structural changes in Debian, I mean, We all know that
> > "Debian releases when it's ready", but few people know what the "it"
> > means. For example, if the init maintainers decide to define the locale
> > environment variables at the boot process, many packages would break
> > and then Debian would be far from being ready. I'm not criticizing this
> > structural changes, but I do think that the DPL could coordinate this
> > sctructural changes in a way more people know what it means by "when
> > it's ready". I would like the candidates to comment on this topic.
> I think it would be helpful if (in future) the release team would
> communicate their list of release criteria well in advance of their
> estimated time of release.

I don't know what you'll consider as release criteria, but if you mean
the list at http://release.debian.org/sarge_rc_policy.txt - that's
unchanged for quite a long while now.

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