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Triton 42HE

Hello debian-project,

I sometimes sponsor Hardware to debian.org members.
I would like to give away the following Rack
19" 42HE Triton
Gremini Delta S RMA42 A81 CAX-A1
brandnew never used
about 800€
Its located in Germany.
I you would like to get the rack please send me 
an signed email and tell me for what you wish to use it.
I can ship the Rack(Schrank) inside Germany for free. inside Europe i
need to ask my transportcompany.
Please CC me on discussion, i am not subscribed to the list

Daniel J. Priem aka codebreaker

P.S. Martin falls Du das verständlicher in englisch auszudrücken weist,
dann tue Dir keinen Zwang an

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