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Re: Bits from the DAMs

On Saturday 12 February 2005 13:55, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> =?iso-8859-15?q?J=E9r=F4me_Marant?= <jmarant@free.fr> writes:
> >> - Also not accepted are people without traceable actions for
> >>   Debian. Examples of this include
> >>    - having only one package in the archive, with only one upload,
> >>    - packages with dead upstream and no visible changes in Debian
> >> either, - a poor or non-existent handling of their bugs for the
> >> package(s).
> >
> > What about translators? Isn't it time to give them a real status?
> > They definitely aren't second-class contributors.
> That should be a "traceable action" through the changelogs.

no need to trace the changelogs the pages  
http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po-debconf/<language-code>  keep track of 
this already  
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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