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Re: debai app

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 05:28:52PM -0800, Mr. Jan Hearthstone wrote:
> And I still think that an online diagnostic tool would
> be a great thing to have, even for the techies who,
> without a doubt, could build Debian from scratch. What
> with configuring sound, updating the new versions of
> kernel, and such. And such a tool could be, at the
> same time, while diagnosticking, made such a way that
> it would explain all the issues involved without
> having to be an AI.
> What profit is there in making the life of non-techies
> not easier? Consider how handicapped we are already!

I think the point is that the effort that would be spent 
on creating such a tool (and keeping it up to date!) would
be better spent on making those tasks simpler so that no
such tool is needed.

The Debian project has already done a huge amount of such work,
and has incorporated similar work done by others.

Richard Braakman

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