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Re: New Front Desk members

On Sun, Jan 30, 2005 at 07:27:26PM +0000, Helen Faulkner wrote:
> Please note that being an AM is a very important and responsible job.
> Please treat your applicants in a nice and friendly manner.  If you have
> any questions about how to proceed with an applicant, please don't 
> hesitate to contact me.  During the first few phases, you should ask the 
> applicant about themselves and what they want to do.  We generally 

applicant => singular
themselves => plural
they => plural

Suggestion: change "the applicant" to "applicants you handle"

> include a short biography in the public AM report, so other developers 

Then report to reports.

> can get to know the applicant better.  However, some people might not 

Applicant to applicants again.

might not => do not ?

> want their information be published on a web site and hence in google. 

google -> Google.

> In fact, we had a big complaint about this recently.  Hence, please make 
> sure to ask your applicant *explicitly* whether you can post their bio 

applicant => applicants, again.

> to a public mailing list.
> Suggested solution for [2]
> (paragraph 2):
> However, it is not signed by an existing Debian developer.  Since many
> people trust Debian, we have to make sure that new volunteers are who
> they claim to be.  The easiest check is having your GPG key signed by
> a Debian developer because this means that they have met you in real 

developer: singular
they: plural

Suggestion: change "a Debian developer" to "one or more Debian

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