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Re: Debian Developers photo gallery (was: Re: apply to NM? ha!)

ti, 2005-01-25 kello 09:14 -0200, Gustavo Noronha Silva kirjoitti:
> >   It's been interesting seeing what a lot of people look like in the
> >  little headshots on planet.debian.org, and more would only be a good
> >  thing.
> Yeah, I'm totally supportive of the idea, too. Maybe we could work on
> this outside the DD's LDAP and then integrate it if the idea is
> well-accepted later on.

Sounds like a fun thing.

Setting up a machine such that http://mugshots.debian.net/foo.jpg would
give the picture of the person foo, where foo would be an e-mail
address, Debian login name, or IRC nick. Pictures need to be submitted
by the people in them (or approved by them) and someone probably needs
to check the validity of the foo.

Perhaps instead of any random foo, we should use the GPG key fingerprint
instead. Or at least that: then it would be easy to link from
db.debian.org, eventually.

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