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Re: Using the Term Debian, DWN 04Jan05 - www.debianshop.com

leader@debian.org wrote:
> As to the specific case of www.debianshop.com.  I'm aware of them, and
> while I personally am not happy about the name (since it clearly
> violates the existing trademark policy), I see no reason at the moment
> to enforce our trademark and ask them to change their name.

Are they selling any software other than CDs of files by debian?
If the use of debian on that web site is an honest description
of the origin of the goods that they sell, does English law actually
allow you to stop them using it?

It looks like attempts to "enforce" the name would just annoy a firm
that is actually quite helpful. I like having boxed sets available,
as they give some people warm fuzzies. They're quite clear that they
donate to debian (although I'd welcome SPI or debianshop giving
numbers) and aren't part of the project.

A lot more troublesome are squatters like www.debian.org.uk, but as
long as they're not using it to advertise software, I think they may
be outside the scope of the trademark too. There are the aggressive
domain dispute procedures for squatted domains, though.


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