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complaint about a #debian chat operator

I'll let the transcript speak for itself:

... foobarbaz is now known as pipeline
... pipeline was kicked off #debian by nagual (no status nicks, last warning)
<loststryk> hey all :) i am pretty new to debian, and would appreciate
anyoens help on sorting out a screen resolution problem i have, i
have a nvidia mx400 graphics card and can't get bigger then a
800x600 resolution, can anyone assist ?
... pipeline [ba1e0c9029@pcp01052132pcs.muncie01.in.comcast.net] has
<pipeline> nagual: "No status nicks, last warning" ?
<nagual> dont change nicks in here
<pipeline> nagual: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
<GenNMX> That was for loststryk
<nagual> wanna be rude to me?
<loststryk> thank you GenNMX am looking now
<pipeline> Why doesn't the automated ban message just say "don't change
nicks in #debian" ? :P
<nagual> just dont do it. please abide by these rules or leave
<pipeline> Problem solved
... pipeline [ba1e0c9029@pcp01052132pcs.muncie01.in.comcast.net] has
left #debian [Leaving]
<fcrick> yeah you need to update that message buddy
<fcrick> it says "no status nicks" which is something completely
different from "don't change nicks"
<nagual> when i want your opinion ill ask for it
<fcrick> look you don't have to be so rude
<fcrick> just because you have kicking priveleges doens't mean you
should make snide comments like that
... SignOff loststryk: #debian (Quit: Leaving)
<nagual> you think its rude that i tell you i dont really care about
your opinions about how we run this channel?
<fcrick> 'when i want your opinion i'll ask for it' is rude in any
<yawgm8th> nagual: you *are* rude
<nagual> haha
... mode/#debian [+b *!*fcrick@*.west.biz.rr.com] by nagual
>>> You have been kicked off #debian by nagual (nagual)
... [#debian] Banned from channel
... [#debian] Banned from channel

bottom line: nagual shouldn't be an op in #debian

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